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Blog: Bobby Jindal Couldn’t Stop Being Part of the “Stupid Party”

Bobby Jindal

The surprise isn’t that Bobby Jindal dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination for the presidency.

The surprise is that it took him this long to realize he had zero chance to even make an impact on the political discourse.

He had long been sent to the kid’s table, being forced to participate in the Republican presidential debates with the other political also-rans.

Jindal’s problem is he stopped listening to his own message.

Jindal grabbed headlines on the national scene in 2013 with blunt statements about his own Republican Party.

He seemed like someone who got it, who understood that the Grand Old Party risked falling into the abyss of political irrelevancy if it didn’t wake up to the realities of the new America–one that was no longer just a sea of White men, but also of women and minorities who were grabbing a bigger piece of the pie and demanding more.

His message at the 2013 meeting of the Republican National Committee” “Stop being the stupid party.”

“It’s time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults. We had a number of Republicans damage the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. I’m here to say we’ve had enough of that.”

So what did Jindal do to kick off his own campaign? He made stupid comments worthy, well, of the “stupid party.”

He wasted time talking about the virtues of assimilation and what’s wrong with the concept of the hyphenated American. He espoused turning away from his cultural heritage.

Jindal did everything he could to distance himself away from his own Indian American heritage. Even his slogan seemed to deny his brown brothers and sisters.

In announcing his candidacy for president, he proclaimed that he was “tanned, rested and ready.” Yeah, that brown tone on his skin wasn’t part of his Indian heritage, it was his tan.

It got so ridiculous, that the hashtag #BobbyJindallsSoWhite began to trend.

It got so ridiculous, Jindal had to declare “I’m not White” after some ridiculed a portrait of Jindal that appeared to lighten his skin tone.

No, Bobby, you’re not White. Neither are you a viable candidate for president. You were a charlatan trying to appear White and to trick the American public into voting for you. You lost your own identity. You lost your heart and soul and you lost the trust and votes of your own Indian American community and of the American public.

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