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The Next Shark: Pick Up Artist in Asia is Public Enemy Number 1

David Bond
He’s been described as “public enemy number one” by Asian media.
David Campbell, aka David Bond, is making a living traveling in Asia and picking up Asian women, according to The Next Shark.
He’s the newest incarnation of Julian Blanc, a man who just a year ago was accused of promoting sexual violence against women, mostly Asian women, and a whole #takedownJulianblanc movement sprang up to oppose him.
Bond travels around Asia videotaping his sexual exploits in an effort to showcase his pick up lines and sell his online guide on how to get sex in Japan.
His reputation in Asia is one Bond himself promotes, calling himself “the most hated man in Asia.” He’s even posted a video of him coaching a friend how to woo an Asian girl away from her Asian boyfriend.
That clearly ticked off a Hong Kong man who confronted Bond when he accidentally bumped into him in the mall.

Does this guy bother you or are you OK with him advising guys on getting laid by Asian girls? Why are pick up artists like this so popular?

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