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Senator Daniel Inouye– A Voice of Conscious for the United States

Inouye clintonThis obituary in the New York Times is the best obituary I’ve personally seen on Senator Daniel Inouye.  He died of respiratory failure Monday evening at the age of 88. Thanks to @SandySharma_ for sending it to me.

Senator Inouye served as a voice of conscious during two historic crisis in America–the Watergate Scandal and the Iran-Contra affair. His tough questioning of former attorney general John N. Mitchell and the White House aides H. R. Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman and John Dean during the Watergate hearing impressed an entire nation. After the hearing and the resignation of President Richard M Nixon, Inouye had an approval rating in the Gallup Poll of an astounding 84 percent.

The Senator also chaired with a firm hand the Senate investigation into the Iran-
Contra affair. The investigation confirmed that high ranking Reagan officials had sold weapons to Iran.

The Senator said “Vigilance abroad does not require us to abandon our ideals or the rule of law at home. On the contrary, without our principles and without our ideals, we have little that is special or worthy to defend.”

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