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NY Times & @AALDEF: Affirmative Action Benefits Asian Americans & Not The Opposite

UniversityThose who say Asian Americans are hurt by affirmative action are perpetuating an urban myth, according to blog by AALDEF in the New York Times.

Khin Mai Aung, director of  the educational equity program at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.bluntly writes:

  “The latest frenzy about “discrimination” against Asians — often by parties that have rarely shown their concern for Asian-Americans in other contexts — is not based on facts.”

On the contrary she says affirmative action merely allows admissions officer to consider race in a limited way along with many other factors. By so doing, underrepresented Asian American groups such as Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians, and Pacific Islanders can benefit.

Affirmative action allows colleges to consider all characteristics of applicants.

  What do you think. Does affirmative action help or hurt Asian Americans?



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