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KCET: “Disney Legend” Tyrus Wong, the Man Behind Bambi


Pamela TomTyrus Wong is not well known among the general public, but documentarian Pamela Tom wants to change that. She’s producing a documentary on his life and when you hear more about his accomplishments, you’ll know why.

Wong created the backgrounds for Disney’s animated film, Bambi. At the time, he was one of the few minorities working in Hollywood.  Wong used Chinese-like brushstrokes to create a vivid forest. In 2001, he was honored by being named a Disney Legend. Wong remains the only Asian American ever to receive that designation.

Wong spent most of his career working for Warner Bros Studios. Other films to his credit include Rebel Without a Cause, Harper and How the West Was Won. In the 1930s, his art was exhibited along side Pablo Picasso’s work.

“By telling Tyrus Wong’s story,” documentary producer Pamela Tom explains, “I’m telling the story of many people’s experience in the [film] industry.” You can learn a lot more about Wong’s life and Tom’s documentary in this article from KCET.


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