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Mercury News: Asian Americans No Shows in Board Rooms

Highrise buildingAn editorial in the Mercury News points at a glaring omission in the nation’s board rooms–particularly Silicon Valley.

That’s where Asian Americans make up 50 percent of the work force, but  just 12 percent of the executives and only 8 percent of the board are Asian. It seems Asians are expected to follow orders, but aren’t given the opportunity to give any.  A survey found 70 to 80 percent of Asian-Americans polled feel disadvantaged in workplace promotions.

A new program at Stanford University is designed to help Asian American navigate the workplace politics.  Some believe the same thing happening in board rooms is also happening at the nation’s elite universities. The thinking goes enrollment of Asian Americans are artificially being kept down. It’s an old debate.

It’s dangerous comparing the lack of workplace promotions to university admissions. , particularly if you support affirmative action in the workplace.


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