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Voice of America: Survey Reveals Differences Among Asian American Voters. @AALDEF

President ObamaThe old saying goes, different strokes for different votes. It’s a cliche’ , but it also happens to be accurate when it comes to Asian American voting patterns.

Much has been made of the 70 percent support among Asian Americans for President Obama. But a closer look reviews some major differences.

44 percent of Vietnamese Americans polled by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund voted for President Obama, compared to 96 percent of Bangladeshi Americans, reported Voice of America.

Only 14 percent of Asian Americans identify as Republican, but 37 percent of Vietnamese Americans do.

Only one-third of Chinese Americans identify with a political party compared to 71 percent of all Asian Americans.

“Very often the [Asian-American] community is painted with broad generalizations,” said Glenn Magpantay, Democracy Program Director at AALDEF. “Can you really just paint them as monolithic? To some extent, but there was some variation.”



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