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Huffington Post: Asian Immigration Surpasses Latino Immigration to California

immigrant protestIn a huge swing , Asian immigration has surpassed Latino immigration into California, reports the  Huffington Post.

in 2001, 42 percent of immigrants coming into California were from Latin America and 37 percent were from Asia. In 2011, it was just 22 percent from Latin America and 57 percent from Asia.

“This is a pretty astounding change over a short period of time,” Hans Johnson, co-director of the Public Policy Institute of California, told the Sacramento Bee, citing census data.

Some in the Asian community hope this huge change in numbers will bring increase political influence to the Asian American community. But a major hurdle remains the diversity of  language in the Asian community while most Latino immigrants speak Spanish.

Despite declining immigration, Latinos are expected this year to become the largest ethnic group in California due to declining birth rates and migration to other states.


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