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Slate: Asians Still Rarity in Hollywood & Sports. @Jlin7 Breaks Ground in Both


HollywoodAsian Americans have been referred to as the new Jews, largely because of both groups success in education. But there’s one area where Asian Americans and Jews have diverged. Jewish Americans launched such Hollywood movie studios as Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount. Asian Americans are lucky to even land a part, let alone own a studio.

One Asian American, however, who has landed a part is Jeremy Lin. He’s starring in a movie about himself– Evan Jackson Leong’s documentary, Linsanity. . If Hollywood were to produce this movie, they would have found some white guy to play Jeremy Lin, sort of like the way they found a white actor to play an successful Asian American card counter in the movie 21.

But I digress. Slate did a review of the movie Linsanity as “one of exactly two feel-good documentaries at Sundance this year. It’s a winning mixture of sports drama and immigrant-made-good story.”

So once again Jeremy Lin saves the day for Asian Americans. Not only does he do it on the basketball court, he does it on the big screen. Maybe we can get Lin to buy a movie studio when he’s done with that basketball thing.




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