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Daily Kos: Critics attacked for Accusing Tech Company Exec of Fabricating Story About Imprisonment in Chinese Labor Camp

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Ping FuA blogger in the Daily Kos is charging that racism against Chinese Americans is surfacing in the Ping Fu story. The tech executive generated much publicity when she released her book Bend, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds. But soon after, many in the Chinese community began questioning her story.

Fu told the story of how at age 8 China’s Red Guard took her from her family and sent her to a Chinese labor camp. She said she was eventually exiled from China with just the clothes on her back.

But now Ping Fu is backing off from some of her claims and Chinese Americans began questioning Fu’s credibility. “Those critics say they are under attack.

Wrote blogger XGZ:

The American (and Western) media, instead of examining the inconsistencies in her book and accepting that they made a big mistake, started to attack her critics as “shills” of the Chinese government. The Chinese American community were insulted first by Ping Fu’s lies, then abused by the media. It is a spetacular display of the ignorance and arrogance of the mainstream American culture. The undercurrent of racism against everything Chinese that most people dared not to express openly, has finally found an outlet.

XGZ lists what she says are examples of this in the Daily Kos

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  1. Rob says:

    There is an amazing comment thread at, which begins with fighting and insults and eventually comes to mutual respect and understanding. We can all learn from this thread and I hope everyone takes the time to read it.

  2. Randall says:

    Thanks for contributing to this conversation. We appreciate your valuable input.

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