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8 Asians: Where Asian Americans Stand on Abortion

posted by Randall

abortionA recent survey from the Pew Institute found that 54% of Asian Americans feel that abortion should remain legal in the United States. But just how passionate the community feels about the issue is in question.

A blog in 8 Asians observed that a recent protest in San Francisco in support of abortion rights included very few Asian Americans. There were a number of Asian American politicians in the crowd, but just a handful of rank and file Asian Americans among the demonstrators.

This is an observation I have also noticed in watching news footage of similar protests in the past. In contrast, anti-abortion protests in San Francisco have included congregations of various Asian American churches.

Could this be that the abortion rights movement has not done a good job of reaching out to Asian Americans?  Or is this an indication that support for abortion among Asian Americans is soft or perhaps just not a high priority compared to the other issues Asian Americans face?  Let AsamNews know what you think by commenting below.


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  1. Juliana says:

    RE: Where Asian Americans stand on abortion: There’s a difference between what Americans think should be legal and what they think is moral. About half of Americans (49%) say that having an abortion is morally wrong, while 15% think it is morally acceptable and 23% say it is not a moral issue.

    1. AsAmNews says:

      RE: Juliana response to Where Asian Americans stand on abortion: I'm not sure what poll you're citing. But a Gallup poll taken in May of this year found 45% think abortion is morally acceptable and 45% think it is morally wrong.

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