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Diverse Education: Where Will African Americans Stand on Immigration Reform? @emilamok @TheRevAl



Rev Al SharptonQuestions are being raised as to where African Americans will stand on immigration reform. Some feel the black community was slow to support civil rights for the LGBT community and now some are wondering if the same is happening with immigration reform.

A blog by Emil Guillermo for Diverse Education points out that black talk radio has so far been less then supportive. Some have raised the issue about what immigration reform will do for African Americans.

“There [are] clearly different views in the African-American community around immigration,” Rev Al Sharpton is quoted as saying on his radio program. “Some have said they’re [illegal immigrants] taking our jobs; they dilute our strength. Others have said we’ve got to have rights for everybody, or we don’t have it for anybody, and this is not just a Latino issue because immigration laws cover the Caribbean, cover Africans, cover South Americans.”

Check out Guillermo’s blog on Diverse Education and let AsAmNews know what you think.



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