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Daily Beast: How Republicans Loss the #Asian American Vote


votePerhaps no statistic is as startling as this one when it comes to the Asian American vote. In 2008, 62 percent of the Asian American vote went to Barack Obama. In 2012 when Obama’s margin of victory was cut in half, his Asian American vote increased to 73 percent.

In fact even though Asian Americans have a history of voting Republican, they’ve voted Democratic in every election since 2000. So what happened? How did Republicans lost the Asian American vote.

The Daily Beast  recently wrote an analysis of that trend. Statistically Asian American students concentrate in the sciences, technology, mathematics, and engineering. But many Asian Americans see Republicans as hostile to stem research and other scientific endeavors.

Republicans are also seen as being behind in using social media and technology in their campaigns. Asian Americans happen to make up a large percentage of the Silicon Valley work force where campaign contributions for Obama outpaced Romney by 9 to 1 among Apple employees alone.

You can read a much more detailed analysis of the Asian American vote in the Daily Beast,



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