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Daily Pennsylvanian: Indian American or American? The Argument Continues

posted by Randall


Fashion Ethnic TextureA first year student at the University of Pennsylvania brings up an issue in the Daily Pennsylvanian   faced by countless other persons of color. Can you be an American if you’re not white.

In her blog, Divya Ramesh says she sees herself as an Indian American. But she recalls a half Indian and half black friend telling her when she was growing up that she couldn’t be American because she’s not white.

“But you and I were born here,” I countered. “We’re both.” But her friend wasn’t buying it.

For some the term American equates with US citizenship. To others it applies to only those who feel like they belong. In Ramesh view, some minorities do  not see themselves as American

She writes: ” With minority births now outnumbering Caucasian births in this country, I wonder why some members of minority groups do not see themselves as American. Why is there a sense that being American has to include being white?”

Read more in the Daily Pennsylvanian and then tell us what you think? Share your thoughts below.



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