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Post-Gazette.com: @GeorgeTakei Says “Feud” With @WilliamShatner Is All Made Up



George Takei
Photo by maxintosh

Social media king George Takei of Star Trek fame says his supposed but much publicized feud with William Shatner is a figment of Shatner’s imagination, reports Post-Gazette.com.

Takei denied the “so-called feud between Bill and me, it’s all his fabrication”  and said its more about Shatner trying to get publicity for himself.

“Bill has this talent for ginning up silly controversy and there is a residual effect of all this,” Takei said.

He said he invited all his Star Trek co-stars to his wedding to his husband Brad, but that Shatner was the only one to not show up.

“Two months after the wedding, he goes on YouTube and raves about George not inviting him to our wedding. We were absolutely dumbfounded,” Takei said. “I happened to be driving on Sunset Boulevard a few weeks after that and there was a huge billboard [with Shatner’s face on it] and that’s why he made that fuss. They were advertising a new talk show, ‘William Shatner’s Raw Nerve,’ and he needed some controversy to get some attention. That is his modus operandi.”

Next week Takei will appear in the season finale of ABC’s sitcom, The Neighbors. Also making an appearance will be Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame. You can read about the connection between Takei and Star Wars in Post-Gazette.com.


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