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The Atlantic: Demands from China Could Open up More Roles for Asian Americans in Hollywood


stage lightsThe power of the Chinese yuan could turn into a cash cow for Asian American actors, reports The Atlantic.

With box office in the states diminishing, the overseas market carries greater weight in Hollywood these days. For many borderline movies, success overseas can mean the difference between a movie taking a financial bath or ringing in the cash.

The Chinese government has been demanding changes in Hollywood scripts before allowing films to be distributed in China. They’ve gone so far as to demand that Asian characters be added to the film. The most recent example is a film called Loopers released last year, according to The Atlantic.

The magazine also suggests that Chinese producers will more likely choose scripts that have Asian characters.

Could this then lead to more well rounded portrayals of Asian American characters. Could characters originally written for Asians (21) really go to Asian actors instead of white ones?  And could this in turn trickle down to Asian American directors and screenwriters.  You can read more food for thought on these questions in The Atlantic.


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