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The Economist: @GOP Shows Passing Interest in Asian American Vote


voteDespite  all the talk about how Republicans need to win over the minority vote to take back the White House, The Economist reports the Asian American vote was only mentioned in passing at the  Conservative Political Action Conference.

Members expressed some angst that both George Bush Senior and Bob Dole won the Asian American vote in 1992 and 1996 elections, but that its been down hill ever since with Mitt Romney winning just 26 percent of the Asian American vote.

One explanation may be in a recent study by Stanford University. The study found White Americans respond better to call for independence as opposed to working together for the common good.  Thus the Republican message of liberty and independence is more likely to resonate with White Americans.

Asian Americans, however, showed no difference in responding to either message. Researchers concluded that is a reflection of Asian Americans being exposed to both the Asian ideal of interdependence and the American ideal of independence.

You can read more about this in The Economist.



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