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CNN: Americans Divided on Immigration Reform

Asian Americans at Immigration Rally
Ray from LA’s

Despite optimism by Asian Americans and Latinos for immigration reform, a new poll out show immigration reform is not a priority among most Americans. reports CNN.

A little more than half polled by the Pew Research Center think the federal budget crisis is the biggest issue facing the president and congress. Just 16 percent feel the same about immigration reform.

70 percent say its important to pass major deficit reduction. 50 percent accord that importance to immigration reform.

After Latinos and Asian Americans overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama in the last election, Republicans realized they needed to support immigration reform to gain more minority votes. Optimism grew that something would pass congress this year.

But a closer look at the numbers has dampened that optimism. The poll also finds Republicans are uneasy that the growing number of immigrants is threatening American values. 58 percent of Republicans feel that way. 61 percent of Democrats say they see no such threat.

You can read more about the prospects for immigration reform in CNN.





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