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USA Today: Growing Concerns from Korean Americans to Threats from Kim Jong Un. HT @KoImTV

posted by Randall

Koreans Americans say threats from Korean Leader Kim Jong Un that North Korea will attack the United States are more serious that those in the past, reports USA Today.

Yet most say they aren’t concerned enough yet to be worries about relatives back in Korea.

“You cannot discount a crazy person with lots of firepower, especially nuclear,” said Drake University business professor Inchul Suh, “But on the other hand, all the threats they are making I think is more of a show than a real threat.”

Kim Jong Un ascended to power following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il  in 2011.

Korean Americans with ties still in Korea say news  coverage of the threats in South Korea is much more toned down than in the United States.  South Koreans have been dealing with these kind of threats for years and unfortunately, they have become almost routine for South Koreans.

“All of my friends and family in Korea, they don’t really care about this news,” said Sang-Seok Yoon, a Korean language professor at the University of Iowa.

Political analysts say the threats may be designed to win direct talks and aid from Washington.

You can read more about reaction from Korean Americans in USA Today.

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