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60 Minutes: @Jlin7 Overcame Stereotypes, Slurs & Discrimination to Make It in the NBA

LinsanityJeremy Lin is having one of the best stretches of his first full season as a starter, averaging nearly 20 points a game and 9 assists in the closing stretch leading to the playoffs for the Houston Rockets.

The story of Lin’s rise from sitting on the end of the bench to starting point guard and international stardom was featured tonight on 60 Minutes.

It all started when the injury-plagued New York Knicks last season had no one left to play and out of desperation inserted Lin into the line up.

In his first five starts, he scored 136 points–more than any other player in league history and Linsanity was born. Fans went berserk over the former Harvard point guard.

“We couldn’t even figure it out. We couldn’t get enough Jeremy Lin material in the NBA store fast enough. And when we did, it was just gone in minutes, said NBA commissioner David Stern to 60 Minutes.

Not bad for someone for the former California High School player of the year who didn’t get recruited by a single division 1 college basketball program. Not bad for someone who didn’t get drafted into the NBA and only got his shot after drawing notice in the NBA Summer League.

“Weren’t you the best player in California? Charlie Rose asked Lin about his California player of the year award in high school.  “What do you think they didn’t see?, asked Rose about all the division 1 schools who showed no interest in Lin.

“Well, I think the obvious thing is– in my mind is that I was Asian American which, you know, is a whole different issue but that’s– I think that was a barrier.” Lin said. “Yeah. I mean, it is just– I mean, it’s just– it’s a stereotype.”

“You know, college environment usually very hostile. So he got a lot of name calling, things like that, during the game,”  added his mother Shirley Lin.

You can see the entire interview and hear how Lin’s parents felt about their sons love for basketball, his international love affair with fans in Asia and what Lin means to the NBA on 60 Minutes.




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