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Equal Voice: LA Chinatown Hopes to Slow Walmart’s Push into Community


Walmart in Beijing
Walmart in Beijing

A lawsuit has been filed to stop WalMart from opening a store in Los Angeles Chinatown. Construction is already well underway, but the lawsuit asserts that Walmart can’t proceed with its plans without first going through a public hearing, reports Equal Voice

Residents fear Walmart will come in and undercut existing grocery stores already in the community, as well as force its workers to work under less than ideal conditions with uncertain hours and low wages.

” We’re concerned about the quality of jobs,” said Aiha Nguyen at the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) . “There is vigilance. We will fight to protect the community.”

Walmart points out that several other attempts to stop the retailer from opening in Chinatown have already failed.

“This means that special interest attempts to block our store have not only been without merit but also proven to be a waste of time and resources,” a Walmart spokesman said in a statement.

You can read more about why many residents oppose a Chinatown Walmart in the Equal Voice

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