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Creative Loafing: Spoken Word Champ Speaks Up for Asian American Men


Anthony BuiSpoken word artist Anthony Bui makes it a habit to smack down Asian American stereotypes.

The champion of Kollaboration Atlanta minces no words when it comes to his theories about the death of his hero Bruce Lee, according to Creative Loafing

“Bruce was just too good of an Asian man prototype,” he proclaimed. “Somebody had him killed, and I bet you it was the same douchebag who came up with that small penis stereotype.”

Audiences are receptive to his message, but he say he really doesn’t see the anger from Asian Americans that he often feels.

“I can’t really speak for the whole Asian community, I can only say from what I’ve experienced. And I would say overall I don’t really feel a huge frustration with the overall state of how we’re [portrayed] in media. Occasionally, it will flare up…

“But I think in general, no, and of course we want to assimilate with American culture and all that. In terms of a big anger with the way things are, I don’t see it.”

He also isn’t a big fan of Psy, who he thinks is being mocked by his audience.

“I’m not sure if people are laughing with him or at him. He’s kind of like a fat guy, he prances around and he’s kind of perverted. He’s kind of a goofy looking guy. I don’t think you would call him sexy. And in that way he kind of fits into the Asian American stereotype of a desexualized person.”

Bui came away with the top prize at Kollaboration Atlanta for his poem, Bruce is Back. you can see his performance on Creative Loafing.



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