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Cornell Chronicle: Study Finds Asian Americans Suffer from Daily Discrimination

ChinatownA Cornell study published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology has found that Asian Americans suffer from a considerable amount of daily discrimination and prejudice.

According to the report in the Cornell Chronicle, the study is one of the first of its kind.

“Our findings suggest that exposure to day-to-day racial microaggressions is common and that seemingly innocuous statements, such as being asked ‘Where were you born?’ or being told ‘You speak good English’ can have an adverse effect on Asian Americans, in part, because such statements often mask an implied message that you are not a true American,” said Anthony Ong, co-author of the study said.

The study followed 152 Asian American college freshman for two weeks and found that 78 percent of them experienced some form of microaggessions during that two week period.

Ong found a correlation between those who experienced these events and a higher incidence of negative emotions and physical discomfort.

You can read a lot more about this study in the Cornell Chronicle.





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