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Where the Conversation Begins: @MargaretCho Responds to Outing Outrage Plus Blackface Video

posted by Randall

Margaret ChoAs the community of AsAmNews users grows, so do the number of comments. Our blog on Margaret Cho(seen here with her parents) outing John Travolta as a bisexual elicited a response from Cho herself.

We asked would it had been right for someone else to have outed (NBA basketball player Jason)Collins? Does Cho get a pass because she herself is bisexual the way she gets a pass for mocking her mother’s accent because she’s Asian American?

To that Cho simply tweeted “Yup.”

@IanHarvia agreed.  I support @margaretcho outing Travolta, self-hating gay celebs perpetuate homophobia being closeted, NEED to be outed! #COMEOUT

But @ceohunty tweeted  “No I don’t agree. It’s not okay to out anyone. You have no idea why they’re still in the closet. #margaretcho”

Others questioned whether Cho really did out Travolta.

Said @33mhz via twitter   “I thought he’d been outed by like a sexual harassment lawsuit and a photo of him kissing a guy?”

Following that same train of thought, @triciacarson via Twitter said  “Umm pics of him kissing another man “outed” him…
“Last updated at 22:14 08 September 2006” in the Daily Mail.   yes, @triciacarson is correct. There is a photo in the Daily Mail that day of the described kiss. The headline read “Kiss of Death for Travolta’s Career?”

I guess we all know the answer to that question almost 7 years later.

As you might suspect, the story of the Asian American fraternity at UC Irvine producing a blackface video sparked quite a discussion.

@Rickylikes202 bluntly called those responsible for the video at Lambda Theta Delta  “Dumb F**KS.

@Fleursdumai called it “despicable.”

But Sean had a very different take. ” I am a black male and not offended by the blackface in this video, probably because it is 2013 and I do not simply get angry at the same things my parents or grandparents would be angry by. its not like they lynched anyone in the video.”

Then there was this from @HagerstownSteve via Twitter.  “The politically correct crowd grows more disgraceful by the minute. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.”

AsAmNews then replied “The term PC is used by those who no regards for others, for those who thinks its OK to be rude.”

AsAmNews encourages a civil conversation on all sides of the issues. We’d like AsAmNews to become the place “where the conversation begins.” Leave your comments here or direct them at us via Twitter or on Facebook.





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