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Slam: Say It Isn’t So, Jeremy #Lin. @jlin7 #Linsanity


LinsanityOne of Jeremy Lin’s biggest fan, a Taiwanese American, fears #Linsanity as we know it, may be over, he wrote in Slam

Lin’s back up, Patrick Beverley played well while Lin was out of the playoffs with a chest contusion. He played so well that when Lin came back for game 6, Lin played just 13 minutes and did not start. Never mind, that Beverley

Lin admitted to the Ultimate Rockets, I have a long way to go. I have a really long way to go,” Lin said.

The blogerspere has been full of post saying the Houston Rockets would be better off without Jeremy Lin.

To that, one of his biggest fans says, “You can’t let that happen, Jeremy. You just can’t. You can’t make me go back to the pre-Linsanity days, when I would get laughed at on the playground for wearing your jersey, when you were averaging one bucket a game and sleeping on Landry’s couch. Don’t make me listen to Stephen A. Smith call you overrated again, don’t make me cringe because it’s becoming true”

You can read more in Slam.



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