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Wetpaint: @JamieChung Likely to Appear in Season Finale of Once Upon a Time



Jamie Chung
David Shankbone

Once Upon a Time’s co-creator tweeted it. But Jamie Chung who stars in the recurring role of Mulan in the ABC series is mum about whether she’ll appear in the season finale of Once Upon a Time, according to Wetpaint.

Nonetheless, she did tell Wetpaint this much. “The finale (Sunday night on ABC) is going to be epic, so regardless, you’re going to have to check it out. There’s always going to be that surprising twist, so what you think is going to happen isn’t going to happen, and it’s going to turn into something else. I feel like no one really goes away on the show, you know what I mean?”

Once Upon a Time has hinted at a lesbian twist for Jamie’s character, Mulan. She’s not letting on. But she’s open to it.

“You know, I’m all about it. I support it 100 percent and I think there’s some truth to that in terms of how much she cares — I think she’s the only person who she cares so much about, other than Prince Phillip. Out of all of the girls, this is her true one best friend and it’s a special kind of love. So, I’m not denying that…”

You can read the entire interview with Chung on Wetpaint.



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