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First Post: Psy Lectures at Harvard. @psy_oppa

PsyK-Pop viral sensation Psy took his act to the Ivory tower of Harvard University, not to perform a concert, but to give a lecture at one of the most prestigious academic university’s in the world, reports First Post.

Psy described his appearance at Harvard as weird. joking his nickname as a student used to be WWF, which he said didn’t stand for World Wrestling Federation but “withdrawal, withdrawal, fail.”

The Korean History Center invited Psy to speak to address a global digital cultural phenomenon. But some questioned why a pop star was being invited to speak at an Ivy League college.

According to k-Pop Starz,  social media lit up with a discussion about Psy’s appearance and not all of it was positive. “Wow, I wouldn’t consider him worthy enough to have the right to appear in such a prestigious and worldwide reknown University [sic],” one comment read. Another Facebook user wrote, “How disappointing Harvard! I guess Snooky will be next… shame.”

But the those in the packed auditorium seem to enjoy his appearance. Psy himself seemed to recognize the irony of his appearance.

“I gotta be humble, I gotta be humble, I know I gotta be humble because this does not happen to everybody — especially for Asian artists. They tried a lot knocking the door to the US market, but it didn’t happen,” PSY said.

You can read more about Psy’s appearance in the First Post.


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