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Jezebel: Why Does @MindyKaling Only Make Out With White Men?

posted by Randall


mindy projectA blog in  Jezebel by Dodai Stewart raises a touchy subject. Why does Mindy Kaling only date white men on her show, more specifically white blonde men?

Stewart praises Kaling for her body positive message, for breaking barriers for Indian Americans and South Asian Americans, and for her sometimes feminist message on the Mindy Project.

Still, the fact that Mindy only dates white men on the show bothers her. Interracial dating and marriage have become a fact a life, as reported recently by NPR. But Stewart wishes Mindy would date men of color on the show as well.

What do you think. Is this outdated thinking? Or is there something to this? What message is Hollywood sending when Mindy only dates white guys? Read Stewart’s blog in   Jezebel  and sound off below.

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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From @AAModelMinority via Twitter on Mindy Kaling Making Out With Only White Guys: because she a sellout and brainwashed

  2. AsAmNews says:

    From @DorisLin via Twitter on Mindy Kaling Making Out with Only White Guys: ❤ @mindykaling and her show! But that is an important issue.

  3. AsAmNews says:

    From @realJesseWang on Mindy Kaling Making Out with Only White guys: "tell me about it!"

  4. AsAmNews says:

    from @undocuasian via Twitter Re: Mindy Kaling Dating White Guys on Her Show: @mindykaling a racist rule exists amongst Asians it's best to date other Asians then white but def not Latinos; mos def not Blacks

  5. steven r jones says:

    Re: Mindy Kaling Dating Only White Men on Her Show: Let’s put this in perspective if she were white would anyone call her out for dating only black guys on the show???? You damn right they would. How abut if she was a black woman only dating white men? Yes you have Scandal, but name another show? I agree that it is outside of the box, but ONLY white guys? That seems a bit strange and hints at a larger problem with the networks. it’s unoffensive for a woman of color to date outside her race, but because they are intimidated by black men- interracial ( read blk men white women) couplings are still taboo

    1. john says:

      RE: Why does Mindy Kaling only make out with white guys?: What about Indian guys? She’s Indian American. Why aren’t white actors, writers, and producers grilled on how almost all the white characters are involved with other white people? I just looked it up, and 9% of couples are interracial. Maybe it’s just perspective and white people, who basically run Hollywood, see it as rare. As a person of color, though, I see interracial relationships all the time. It feel more like 25% to 50% are interracial. I also know very few people of color, except maybe Latinos, who haven’t at least dated interracially. A lot of white people do it too, at least out here.

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