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The Atlantic: Undocumented Asians in US Face Lonely Life– HT @SFDirewolf


Time Magazine cover of Jose Antonio VargasThe life of an undocumented immigrant in the Asian community can be a lonely existence, according to the The Atlantic.

Asian American lack the numbers of Hispanics and thus lack the support network that Hispanic undocumented immigrants find in their communities.

There are also fewer undocumented immigrants from the Asian community out in the open, Jose Antonio Vargas, notwithstanding.

Despite that, 5 of the 10 top countries where undocumented immigrants come from are Asian.

But only two are in the top 10 for deferred action. Asians make up only two percent of the applicants for deferred action, far short of the ten percent they make up in the total population of undocumented immigration.

You can read a lot more about the story of undocumented immigration in the Asian community in The Atlantic..




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