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Christian Post: Impact of Racism Felt in Christian Church

posted by Randall

CrossRacism is felt at all levels of society, and according to a new book, the church is no exception, reports the Christian Post.

The book “Aliens in the Promised Land: Why Minority Leadership is Overlooked in White Christian Churches and Institutions” is edited by Anthony Bradley and includes writings from 9 evangelical theologians. One of those is Amos Yong, an American Pentecostal theologian born in Malaysia.
Yong recently talked to the Christian Post.”We learn how to look at the world through a racial lens, one in which whites are superior and other races or ethnic groups less equal, if not inferior,” said Yong.  “I don’t think we teach this as the God-given truth, but we do act in ways that basically presume the superiority of white evangelical culture, values, and perspectives.”

While he sees strides being made, Yong believes progress will stall until both whites and Asian Americans reach a realization.

“Growing up Asian (Chinese) in America and even into my young adult years, I tried to act and become white since I felt that full conversion to Christ meant leaving behind Asian culture and embracing “Christian” (white) culture. Whites don’t realize that they are communicating this, and Asians do not generally realize that they are receiving this message.”

Read more on Yong’s thoughts in the Christian Post. Then let us know what your experience in the church has been Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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