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Let Charice Be Charice

posted by Len Patel

ChariceAll kind of rumors have been published lately about Charice.  There have been so many that I’ve chosen to ignore most of them, especially those that seem to be based on innuendo and not fact.

Here’s what we do know. Charice has radically changed her appearance.

Her mother says she doesn’t like the new look but will support her daughter out of love.

Charice’s grandma has said she wants the old Charice back.

Those are the facts. Everything else is pure speculation.

One seemingly picked up lots of credibility when her mother reportedly sent out signals that Charice would out herself on Philippine television. But that didn’t happen.

So what is one to belief. A blog in Phil Star by Ricky Lo suggests that Charice’s behavior indicates she is self destructing.

But confusion about one’s sexual identity is more indicative of a young person’s confusion than anything else.

Unlike Lindsay Lohan, Charice has not broken any laws. No doubt Lindsay has self destructed.

But let’s let Charice be Charice. Enjoy her for her music.

Hope whatever crisis Charice is going though works itself out, for her sake and the sake of her fans.


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