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Pegasus: U.S. Media Still Doesn’t Get Psy. @Psy_Oppa

PsyA blog by Mackenzie Cash published in Pegasus News wonders if the American media is laughing at Psy or with him.

The K-Pop You Tube sensation recently released his new single Gentleman, his first since Gangham Style catapulted him to fame.

In Cash’ opinion, Psy is just “a funny name, a funny face, and a funny personality” and most “don’t take him seriously.”

It’s the same question faced by William Hung, the American Idol reject who’s horrific audition earned both laughs and fame for Hung. But the big difference is Hung couldn’t sing in tune, and Psy can. Plus he actually sells records that people want to hear.

But the way Cash sees it, when it comes to Psy, the American media is “just reducing the culture of South Korea into a short man with funny pants doing a ridiculous dance.”

Read Cash’s blog in Pegasus News, and let us know what you think.




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