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Bad Ass Asians

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Rafu Shimpo: #Asian Americans Take Back Seat in Hollywood. #AAPI

posted by Randall

Hangover 3Ken Jeong is good for a laugh or two, but apparently not good enough to get top billing, according to Guy Aoki of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans.

Jeong plays a significant role in Hangover Part III. Some might say he’s the lead. Yet trailers promoting Hangover barely show Jeong at all.

In a blog for Rafu Shimpo, Aoki writes: ” Now, cynic that I am, I’m assuming Warner Brothers didn’t want to feature Chow too prominently in the trailers, fearing potential customers might think too much of the sociopath and decide to see another movie instead. But in the future, it would be encouraging to see a big Hollywood studio not shy away from using Asian faces in their promotional clips.”

Another Asian American that is being buried by Hollywood is director M Night Shyamalan. Shyamalan directed After Earth starring Will Smith and his son Jaden.  Neither the movie trailers or posters for After Earth even mention Shyamalan. After bursting onto the Hollywood scene with Sixth Sense, the director has directed a string of disappointments. Seems Sony Pictures thought Shyamalan might scare away movie goers. Didn’t seem to matter. The movie took in 27 million in its opening weekend, well short of the $35-40 million expected.

You can read more of Aoki’s take on Hollywood and Asian Americans, including his thoughts on Misstresses, in Rafu Shimpo.



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  1. eddlyhong says:

    Re: Asian Americans Taking Back Seat in Hollywood: “I’m glad they hid M Night Shyamalan’s name from his movies as he has an awful habit of showcasing it in front of EVERY MOVIE HE’S EVER DONE. It’s about time that they hid it.”

  2. AsAmNews says:

    From U-ring Gadu via Facebook Re: Asian Americans in Hollywood: "O really, the Zionist jew producers sure had a lot of fun making fun of Asians in their last Hangover. huh? I guess it doesn't matter how they are portrayed.. at least their Asian its fine /sarcasm"

    1. AsAmNews says:

      Re: comment on Asian Americans in Hollywood. "Ur-ring, Actually the CEO of Warner Bros is Asian American. Not sure why its necessary to bring the Jewish stereotype into this."

    2. AsAmNews says:

      From Te-Yee Jonathan Eng via Facebook re: Asian Am in Hollywood: ignore Ur-ring, the man believes in the old Jews control everything conspiracies.

  3. AsAmNews says:

    Gabe Isbored via Facebook re: Asian American in Hollywood: “it’s funny you mention this, Chao is actually supposed to be a rather smart guy, (doctor was it?) and on Reddit’s AMA they asked him why he chooses to deprecate Asians in social media by playing this kind of role despite his actual intelligence.”

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