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Bleacher Report: Should @HoustonRockets Bench @Jlin7 For Patrick Beverley? @PatBev21 #Lin

Jeremy LinA blog by Kenny DeJohn in the Bleacher Report is suggesting that the Houston Rockets bench Jeremy Lin in favor of Patrick Beverley.

Both have similar stat lines with Lin the better scorer, 14.9 vs 11.5 points per game, and Beverley thought to be the better defender.

Dejohn’s biggest argument is that Beverley fits into coach Kevin McHale’s offense better than Lin.

What I’ve seen of the Rocket offense, its pretty basic.

McHale just basically puts the ball in Harden’s hands while everyone else stands around and watches until Harden decides what he wants to do..

Admittedly that doesn’t fit well with Lin’s strong point of distributing the ball and getting everyone involved. But if that’s the argument for benching Lin, its a pretty weak one.

Read DeJohn’s blog in the Bleacher Report and let AsAmNews know what you think.




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