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UC Berkeley: Tiger Parenting Doesn’t Work

posted by Randall

A study conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley has found that tiger parenting doesn’t work.

“Children raised by authoritarian parents are showing maladaptive outcomes, such as depression, anxiety and poor social skills,” said Qing Zhou, who heads UC Berkeley’s Culture and Family Laboratory.

She recently taught a parenting class for Asian American divorced mothers, made of mostly of immigrant parents.

“When they first came to the workshops, a lot of them would say, ‘Why should I praise my child for doing something they are supposed to do?’ But we encouraged them to try and they saw positive changes in their relationships,” Zhou said.

You can read a deeper look into tiger parenting along with an interview with Kim Wong Keltner, author of  “Tiger Babies Strike Back” in UC Berkeley.


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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From Sela Wu via Facebook Re: Tiger Moms: " I was not a tiger mom to my kids!
    At times too hands off."

    1. AsAmNews says:

      Re: Tiger Moms: "I'm the same way. I'm not a Tiger Parent. Its a tough balance, but my kids have turned out good (knock on wood). I am not a Tiger Cub either. My parents were pretty trusting of me and just made sure I had a good education.

  2. AsAmNews says:

    From James Wu via Facebook: Re Tiger Moms: " I'm against it."

  3. AsAmNews says:

    From Ronald Joe via Facebook: RE Tiger Moms: " Then why r there soooo many Asians attending UC Berkeley? Lol!"

    1. AsAmNews says:

      Re: Tiger Moms: I graduated from UC Berkeley and didn't have a tiger mom.

  4. AsAmNews says:

    From Judy wing Lee via Facebook RE: Tiger Moms: "A co-worker used to get off work when her kids got off school to make sure they studied and did their homework. Both kids were smart and she was proud that they attended Lowell. Turns out both kids ended up under the care of a child psychologist from all work and no play … Hopefully the kids are okay now. Our parents pretty much left us to do what we wanted … We just had to be home by dinner time. I think I turned out okay … Bwahahahah"

    1. AsAmNews says:

      From David Chow via Facebook RE Tiger Parenting: Judy Wing Lee, You're Naturally Gifted.

  5. AsAmNews says:

    From David Chow via Facebook RE Tiger parenting: "asian are the majority all the top UC schools. Many of incoming freshman class are 50% Asians. My wife and I got strict when they slacked off. Some parents thought we were too intense. Once senior year rolled around, the same parents wanted to know our secret. My son will be attend Berkeley. He did most of the hard work, we kept him on the path to a good college.

    1. AsAmNews says:

      From Ronald Joe via Facebook Re: Tiger Parenting: : David, a friendly reminder that we must know when to give them some room to breath…..Asian kids are under tremendous pressure nowadays, sometimes suicidal. My .02

  6. AsAmNews says:

    From @ATownBoyzMovie: RE: Tiger Parenting: "We interviewed & worked closely w/ A-Am immigrant parents & counselors. Warm support had better response than tiger parenting #doc"

  7. AsAmNews says:

    From PJ Leong via Facebook RE: Tiger Parenting: "Some Kids Are Just Self Motivated. Not Just Asian Kids."

  8. AsAmNews says:

    From James Wu via Facebook RE: Tiger Parenting: "We are the probably Asian family that have tiger kids, my son especially, his birth year is the tiger. lol"

  9. AsAmNews says:

    from PJ Leong via Facebook RE: Tiger Parenting: "I'm certainly not a tiger mom and my son has chosen to go to Lowell by choice, I tried to discourage him from the stereo typical asian student but he wanted to go so we supported his decision…he's very happy there, does not struggle with the academics and is very active and social….his final report card for jr year was all -a's and one b…how can I complain ? And yes, if he wants to go to Berkeley , he has my full support ! I hate being lumped into one stereo type…all us Asian moms are not tiger moms , we're just good caring moms who want to see our children reach the highest of their abilities….just my two cents…"

  10. AsAmNews says:

    From Jason Chu via Facebook RE: Tiger Parenting: "I dunno all my classmates had tiger moms and theybwent to harvard yale berkeley and they all became multi milluonaire doctos lawyers entrepreneurs i didnt have tiger parents and did not amount to much …"

  11. AsAmNews says:

    From David Chow via Facebook RE: Tiger Parenting: "Ronald Joe Thanks for your input. There is a point when parents can push to hard. For us when my son played 3 hours of video games and 1 hour of studying on the day before a test, it's not acceptable. Having my son say his classmates are getting a B which is good enough and why should he push himself, will not fly with us. Sad to say in today's college environment, one grade can make a difference whether you get into some schools. It is way too competitive. PJ Leong is my classmate from high school and we have had many discussions on helping out with our kids dreams. While my son can commute via BART to school, we have opted to give him the opportunity to live in the dorms and get the college experience. But getting kids into college is not a simple task and life is so different from when we grew up. I now understand what my parents had to put up with me when I was growing up and thought I knew better . Judy Wing Lee, I hear you about gai mo so. To this day when I see a picture of a live chicken with its feathers or hear a swoosh sound, I remember what would happen if I misbehaved."

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