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What Are the Odds Jeremy Lin Will be Traded by @HoustonRockets. @Jlin7 #Lin


Jeremy LinI’ve shot down rumors in the past about the Rockets trading Jeremy Lin. But this time you get the feeling that it’s something the Rockets are seriously considering.

It seems Houston is willing to part ways with their point guard  if trading Lin will help them land another superstar.

The latest rumor originally reported by ESPN is that the Rockets will offer Jeremy and Omer Asik in a deal for Dwight Howard. The Lakers have reportedly made resigning Howard priority number 1. But the Lakers may be backed into a corner.

If Howard indicates he definitely plans to sign elsewhere as a free agent, the Lakers may have no choice but to agree to a trade to get something in return.

But there’s another camp that thinks the Lakers want to clear salary cap space and wouldn’t want to spend any money on players like Lin and Asik.

That’s what a blog concluded on Opposing Views.

What do you think. Will Jeremy Lin be with the Houston Rockets next season?  I don’t know if he’ll end up being a Laker. But my money is that he’s playing for someone else next season.

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