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Discover: Conclusions About Asian American Immigrants Based on Heritage Can be Dangerous

senior citizenKorean researchers from Binghamton University, State University of New York say the experience of Asian immigrants in the United States is more complex and nuanced than many expected, reports Discover.

They warn that drawing conclusions based solely on ethnic heritage can be dangerous.

“Researchers like me try to categorize people,” says Suk-Young Kang, assistant professor of social work. But he’s discovered Asian immigrants living in large urban areas face different challenges from those living in smaller communities.

“In New York City, they can see doctors who speak Korean or Chinese,” Kang says. But in Arizona, Asian-born patients usually rely on phone-based translation services. And translators often miss the finer points of the language.”

And that leads many Asian-born patients to avoid translation services and as a result, don’t always get the medical attention they need.

“When I started in social work, I heard, ‘Everybody is unique,’” Kang says. “Sometimes people forget that.”

Researchers at Binghamton also looked at the role of caregivers in the Asian American community. You can read more about that in Discover.





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