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Jeremy Lin May Be Better Off Being Traded by the @HoustonRockets. @CP3 #Lin @Jlin7

LinsanityA blog in the Bleacher Report is bringing up what some say is inevitable.

If Chris Paul and Dwight Howard come together and  join James Harden and the Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin will have to go.

Despite Lin’s rabid fan base,  its difficult to argue against the fact that Paul and Howard would not only make the Rockets a better team, but also a championship contending one.

It’s a matter of mathematics. With Paul and Howard, the Rockets wouldn’t have the cap room for Lin without having to pay the luxury tax.

But you know what? Lin might actually be better off with another team.

Coach Kevin McHale has decided to put the ball in James Harden’s hands. That’s taking away Lin’s best part of his game, as a ball distributor. Lin may be better off on a team that will actually utilize his skills rather than trying to convert him into a player he isn’t.

If Lin is ever to become the superstar he’s capable of becoming, he might have to do it away from Houston.




  1. From Foogaga_Knicks via Twitter: RE: Jeremy Lin Better Off Being Traded by Houston Rockets: Been saying this since last season. Jeremy, go to the Lakers. Be with Dantoni, learn from Nash. rather see Jeremy play his game under his type of system. It's exciting, it's team oriented, it's @JLin7"


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