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CBS: Children of Tiger Parents Develop More Aggression

StudyA report from CBS News touches on a different aspect of a new study by U.C. Berkeley researcher Qing Zhou on tiger parenting.

It says children raised by tiger parents tend to display more aggression.

The stereotype of Asian Americans, especially men, is that AAPIs are passive and that this lack of aggressiveness holds them back in the work place and from consideration from leadership positions.

But there’s a subtle difference between aggression and aggressiveness.  Aggression is looked at negatively. Someone with aggression tends to be looked at as a bully, someone not pleasant to be around.

Someone who is aggressive is considered a go getter, someone who goes after what he or she wants and usually gets it.

The exact quote from the CBS News story is this: “We found that children whose parents use more authoritarian-type parenting strategies tend to develop more aggression, depression, anxiety, and social problems and have poorer social skills,” said  Zhou, an assistant professor of psychology and author of “Tiger Babies Strike Back.”

In that context, the word “aggression”  definitely seems to have a negative connotation.

A previous story in AsAmNews quoting from a news release from U.C. Berkeley itself looked at how tiger parenting could lead to more depression, anxiety and poor social skills in children.

Read the story from CBS News and give AsAmNews your thoughts on the subject.


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