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Manzanar Committee: Paula Deen Controversy Ignites Flare Up Over “J” Word. ht @gilasakawa @eatinglasvegas

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John CurtasA conversation about the firing of Food Network star Paula Deen after she admitted using the “N” word has sparked a heated debate over the use of the “J” word, according to a blog posted by the Manzanar Committee and written by Gann Matsuda.

Matsuda points out that John Curtas, who he describes as a noted restaurant reviewer in Las Vegas, was quite critical of Deen.

Curtas tweeted under the handle @eatinglasvegas “She thinks colored people are swell. Paula Deen fired: Food Network cancels show after racism scandal.”

Yet Curtas himself has used a racial slur, this one offensive to both the Japanese American and Asian American communities.

On August 12, 2012 Curtas tweeted “The best Jap-German collaboration since 1941…Takeo Ischi – New Bibi Hendl 2011. Obviously Curtas use of the “J” word was not meant to offend, but when others including the  Manzanar Committee pointed out to him that “Jap” was a derogatory term that should not be used under any circumstance, Curtas asserted his white privilege lens and simply ignored it.

Now one year later Matsuda reminds his readers about the double standard Curtas seems to be applying. What’s good for Deen apparently isn’t good for himself.

To that Curtas replies to both Matsuda and the Manzanar Committee “you’re being both stupid and wrong: “Jap” as an abbreviation is hardly the same as the “N” word.”

The Manzanar Committee answers back with a measured response, reminding Curtas that the acceptable abbreviation for Japan is Jpn.

By now, Curtas is angry and flames on Twitter:” you might want to keep your sniveling, totalitarian, language policing to yourself.”

All Curtas had to do was show the Japanese American community a little respect and agree to stop using the “J” word. Instead he dictates to the Japanese American community how it should feel.

Imagine if I called John Curtas Johnny and he politely told me he prefers to be called John, but I continue to call him Johnny. That’s a lack of respect.

In the same way, an entire community ask John to refer to their community in a certain way, but he refuses. You see Curtas is part of the majority. Curtas dictates the rules to the minority. He’s asserting his white privilege lens. That’s a lack of respect. That’s just plain wrong.’










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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From Anthony Kim via Facebook: RE:John Curtas use of "J" word: " Incredibly irritating to see such boorish behavior and entitled ignorant attitude. Should tweet @8newsnow and @889knpr to express disappointment."
    23 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

  2. @enemyalien says:

    RE: John Curtas use of “J” word: Just using the wrong abbreviation is one thing. But each of his arrogant responses displays another result of deeply racist thinking; he keeps invoking WW2 as a justification, and muddles Japanese, Japanese Americans, Japanese food and the nation of Japan all together in one sloppy race-muddle. Take a look at his sneering non-apology on the Manzanar Committee comments:

    “I love Japan, Japanese food and the Japanese (just ask dozens of Japanese restaurateurs in Las Vegas), despite the fact that it/they spent the years 1943-1945 trying to kill my father (the people not the food). The fact that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of that generation now take umbrage at an innocent, slight, and Twitter-appropriate condensation of the English spelling of their country, is really something I cannot sympathize with.”

    and his angry retorts on twitter, like: “the origins probably go back to WW2…when taking offense not really Japan’s right to do…” https://twitter.com/eatinglasvegas

    And for the record, once and for all: “sorry if I offended anyone” is not an apology. An apology is saying you’re genuinely sorry for something you did that was wrong, explaining your understanding of why it was wrong, and offering to make amends. “Sorry if I offended anyone” is basically saying you didn’t do anything wrong and any problem only exists in the minds of whoever was offended.

  3. AsAsmnews says:

    From David Zee via Facebook: RE: John Curtas use of "J" word: "Sent him a little note on twitter. oddly his newest review is at a korean restaurant. requested for him to refrain from using a racial epithet this time."

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