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Daily Mail: Questions Raised About Photo of Kate Gosselin Making Racial Gesture. @kateplusmy8

posted by Randall

Gosselin, KatieThis seems awfully suspicious, if you ask me.

A photo of Kate Gosselin from the former reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” is making the rounds showing her pushing her eyelids back in what some have interpreted as a gesture mocking Asians, reports the Daily Mail.

Gosselin was married to Korean American Jon Gosselin when she gave birth to eight children including septuplets.

The couple starred in their own reality show before getting a divorce.

The photo was tweeted by someone with the Twitter handle of @katiedeen888kat. It is the only tweet ever sent from that handle, raising suspicions about the origin of the photo.

Kate is seen in the photo wearing her wedding ring, suggesting the photo was taken while the couple was still married.

It’s unknown in what context the photo was taken. It has been previously reported that Gosselin plans to file a lawsuit against her ex-husband and Robert Hoffman who wrote a tell all book about Gosselin.

What do you think about the photo? You can read more about the photo in the Daily Mail.




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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From Kate Agathon via Facebook RE: Kate Gosselin Photo: "Kate Gosselin does the chinky eyes. Pretty pathetic for someone whose kids are hapa."

  2. AsAmNews says:

    From Diana Sakata via Facebook RE Kate Gosselin Photo:: "its cuz she wishes she was Asian."

  3. AsAmNews says:

    from Kenny Rowland via Facebook RE: Kate Gosselin Photo: "Wait, she still relevant?"

  4. AsAmNews says:

    From Tyrone Liu via Facebook RE: Kate Gosselin Photo: "Who?"

  5. AsAmNews says:

    From Whitman Lam via Facebook RE: Kate Gosselin Photo: "She doesn't deserve my attention, just like that whack Amanda Bynes chick."

  6. AsAmNews says:

    From Unknown via Facebook RE: Kate Gosselin Photo: "it is a common gesture made for fun… i used to do it."

  7. AsAmNews says:

    From Qiu Wei via Faceboo: Kate Gosselin Photo: "Attention whore."

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