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Gospel Herald: Asian Am Christian Community Vocal Against Scotus Rulings on Same Sex Marriage


bibleThe religious community has been the most vocal against same sex marriage following this week’s Supreme Court rulings and the Asian American Christian community is no exception.

“The ruling on June 26, 2013 was not just the result of 5 people disagreeing with 4 people, but of America betraying the Biblical foundation which founded the country. Who then can still proclaim ‘God bless America’ with a clear conscience?” said Reverend Rev. Yuan Zhi-ming in the Gospel Herald.

“God loves sinners, but God hates sins! Believe in Jesus Christ, win over sins, and enter life not death!” said Pastor Feng Wei of the New York Council who preaches that homosexuality is a sin.

You can read more reaction from the Asian American religious community in the Gospel Herald.



  1. From Judy Wing Lee via Facebook RE: Asian Am Christians on same sex marriage: "Sigh … Sorry, I don't give weight to a religious community that follows the beliefs that were written by celibate men in robes"


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