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Care 2: Why Race Still Matters. Just Ask Charlie Chan & Johnny Depp

Tonto, Lone Ranger, Johnny DeppA blog in Care 2 to Make a Difference  wonders why Hollywood keeps making the same mistakes over again.

The casting of Johnny Depp to play Tonto on the “Lone Ranger” is the latest example of the whitewashing of Hollywood.

It’s a pattern that Care 2 to Make a Difference  points out started with “Charlie Chan” in the 1930’s–white actors hired to play characters of color.

Other examples to name just a few include Yul Brenner in the “King and I” and Marlon Brando in “Teahouse of the August Moon.”

Care 2 lists ten prominent examples of whitewashing over the years.

One might argue that Johnny Depp is a marketable actor guaranteed to bring box office success to Disney. Think again.

The Hollywood Reporter reports “Lone Ranger” is looking to be a “big budget bomb of the summer.”

In its opening weekend, “Lone Ranger” is projected to make $50 million, far short of the $250 million it took to produce it. By comparison, the animated feature “Despicable Me” is expected to take in $200 million worldwide in its opening weekend.





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