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NZ Herald: @FarEastMovement Remembers K-Town Roots on World Tour

Far East MovementFar East Movement is getting down, way down under. The popular hip hop group is on tour in New Zealand for its  Movementality Tour.

“Movementality was a community organized event to introduce Far East Movement and to bring live music to Koreatown, our neighborhood,” said Kev Nish to the New Zealand Herald.  “And we wanted to bring that state of mind back for this tour, because we didn’t want it to be about one album or a specific song, we wanted to bring that idea of community and reintroduce Far East Movement.”

All the group members were raised in Los Angeles, although Prohgress and J-Splif were born in Korea and Virman is of Filipino descent.

They say their music is not so much influenced by their Asian culture, but from the diversity of Los Angeles.

“So growing up in LA, you grow up with what you hear on the radio and what you see on TV. And our parents were all very Americanized as well, so the amount of Asian culture you get in the house was limited to a taste of tradition on New Year, and maybe on Monday and Tuesday you get a homemade dish for dinner. But mum’s also making steak and spaghetti.”

You can read more about Far East Movement’s influences in the New Zealand Herald.



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