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The Reporter: Inside the Most Diverse City in America

VallejoA new study published in the Business Insider from Nerdwallet has named Vallejo, CA the most diverse city in the country, according to the The Reporter.

Nerdwallet defines diverse cities as those with an even number of whites, blacks, Asian American/Pacific Islanders and Hispanic. Thus one with a 25 percent population of each would get a score of 100 percent.

Vallejo came in number one with a diversity score of 96.9 percent. Vallejo is 23.7 percent Latino, 24.1 percent white, 21 percent black and 24.5 percent Asian/Pacific Islander.

Nerdwallet’s study matches a similar one done by Brown University in 2012 which ranked the Vallejo-Fairfield area as the most diverse, says The Reporter.

“According to the US2010 Project, immigrants from Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere have expanded the population of minority residents beyond African Americans, a trend that experts say will eventually lead to as many ‘minority’ as ‘non-minority’ residents, if it continues,” that report notes.

Vallejo’s Asian American population is predominantly Filipino American with three of its council members of Filipino descent.

You can read more about Vallejo in The Reporter and you can get a breakdown of Nerdwallet’s top ten most diverse cities in AsAmNews.

You can read the entire study from Nerd Wallet.



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