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Food Consumer: Compreshensive Study Looks at Asian Americans & Cancer


HealthThe first ever analyses of cancer in the Asian American community has been released by the Cancer Prevention Incidence of California, reports the Food Consumer.

The report examined cancer in the eight largest Asian American groups–Asian Indians/Pakistanis, Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Kampucheans (Cambodians), Koreans, Laotians and Vietnamese.

Dr. Scarlett Lin Gomez report covered 10 regions of the country representing more than half of the Asian American population.

The most common cancer among Asian American men is prostate cancer. followed by lung, colorectal, liver and stomach cancer.

Lung cancer was highest among South East Asian Americans. Liver cancer is increasing among Kampuchean, Filipino and Vietnamese men.

Among Asian American women, breast cancer is the number one cancer. Chinese American women have seen a yearly increase of one percent for some 20 years. Japanese American women, on the other hand, have seen a decrease in the rate of breast cancer of nearly two percent each year since 1998.

You can read more about the incidence of cancer among the various Asian American groups in the Food Consumer.








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