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AAJA: #KTVU Tight Lipped About Where It Got Wrong #Asiana Pilot Names


AAJAKTVUThe Asian American Journalists Association released it reports on its meeting with KTVU  about  the much publicized airing of wrong and offensive names of the Asiana pilots.

Management at KTVU refused to say where its staff got the names. It said its own review of how the error occurred is not yet complete.

Among those attending the meeting from KTVU were General Manager Tom Raponi. who is the top person at the station, and news director Lee Rosenthal, who oversees the news room.

The station suggested quarterly meetings with AAJA to discuss diversity and coverage issues and the organization said it would work quickly to schedule the first one.

KTVU said it would develop its newsroom training and opened up the possibility of a future workshop or seminar for its staff. Again, it reached out to AAJA for assistance.

Raponi and Rosenthal also pledged to develop a pipeline of talent to increase its newsroom diversity.

But the elephant in the room remains how did the error occur.

The station refused to answer many questions about what exactly happened.

No details were released about what form the information came to KTVU–phone calls, email, social media etcetera.

No information was released on who saw the names before they went on the air or even how many people saw the names.

KTVU did however describe what happen as a total breakdown of the process, admitting that the correct names of the two pilots had been reported several days earlier.

Many within AAJA, the Asian American community, and KTVU’s viewership have said they will not be satisfied until the exact nature of how the mishap happened is revealed.

Critics see this as a teachable moment for all newsrooms

AAJA invited Raponi and Rosenthal to attend the group’s annual convention which this year would be held in New York. AAJA is awaiting their response.

You can read the full report on the meeting between AAJA and KTVU here.



  1. from Aileen Tokunaga via Facebook RE: KTVU tight lipped about pilot gaffe: No doubt – more than likely there's some higher ups that allowed the publication and they don't want to admit it.

  2. From Randy Chow Funn via Facebook RE: KTVU tight lipped about pilot gaffe: I agree. The higher ups are protecting their own or their procedures are so haphazard that they don't want anyone to know more. Too bad Tori Campbell had to end up being a national joke (Colbert Report).


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