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Hyphen Magazine: Asian Americans Turning “Asian Girlz” Controversy into a Positive. @hyphenmagazine


Day Above GroundFearing any publicity is good publicity, more and more Asian Americans are working to divert attention away from the music video “Asian Girlz” and toward Asian American women musicians who put out positive images about themselves and the community.

Hyphen Magazine reports that a campaign first suggested by bloggers Jeff Yang and Bao Phi is turning into a growing music archive of Asian American women musicians.

There’s now a Spotify channel dedicated to this effort.

Love that AAPI musicians who have long gone under the radar in the mainstream are getting their due.

I’m not sure I buy into the argument that talk about the music video controversy is doing more harm than good.

After all, the House of Blues wouldn’t have cancelled Day Above Ground’s show if it wasn’t for all the negative publicity surrounding them.

This is also another educational moment and a chance for Asian Americans to discuss an important issue to a general audience.

Anyway, hope you enjoy some of the Asian American musicians featured on the Spotify channel. You can find out more about them in  Hyphen Magazine.



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