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Mail Online: Critics Blasting New Fox Show as Racist & Unfunny


DadsA new Fall TV show on Fox called “Dads” is being roundly criticized by television critics as “casually racist and horifically unfunny,” reports the  Mail Online 

“Dads” is executive produced by Seth McFarlane who’s  not exactly known as being the most culturally sensitive guy around having produced such other shows as the animated series, “Family Guy.”

NPR’s Linda Holmes says women of color seem to be the target of many of the show’s jokes.

The show previewed for critics included a lot of sexy Asian school girl jokes.

You can read more about some of the concerns about the program in the Mail Online .



  1. RE: Critics blast new Fox show as racist: This is bullshit. If someone were to make a racist remark about blacks, it would be censored. However, since the object of discrimination is an Asian Woman, it’s regarded by Americans as free speech. The double standard in this country disgusts me.

    We need to do something about this. I suggest we contact the “Dads” production office to protest.

  2. RE: Critics blast new Fox Show as racist: I’ve found the phone number for the production office of Dads:



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