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Day Above Ground Removes “Asian Girlz” From You Tube Channel (Updated)


Asian Girlz

(Updated 5:03 a.m. Pacific Time August 5)

Just days after the House of Blues in Los Angeles cancelled a Day Above Ground concert due to the Asian Girlz controversy, the group announced on its You Tube channel that it would be removing the controversial song from both its website and You Tube channel.

A message posted some time Sunday and also sent to AsAmNews that night at 8:42 Pacific Time  announced the song would disappear in five hours.

As of 5 a..m. Pacific Time Monday, the song was off the You Tube channel, but still available as an MP3 on its website.


The group has not said  if they would ever perform the song again.

In just six days, Asian Girlz  had generated 1.3 million hits, largely because of the nationwide uproar over its racist lyrics and explicit depiction of Asian women as fetishes for the pleasure of men. The group tried to rationalize the song as a parody, but few were buying it.

The message from the group reads:

ASIAN GIRLZ will be coming down in 5 HOURS & will disappear from our channel & website forever. DAY ABOVE GROUND’s new music video for AMERICAN DREAM. You may find it illuminating.

The song and video for American Dream was recorded and edited just yesterday in one day, according to the group. Just what the group is trying to say with their new song is open to debate. Some of the lyrics go like this:

This American dream is always what it says . This American dream is always what it says.

This is really a dream. That’s in touch with reality. This is happening every day in society. The land of the free, contradicting our slogan. More like a catch phrase. I had some omen

To bring people in. only a few  are chosen. To rise above the shit. And the rest they frozen. Its really a choice. On where you want to go. I’m the king of this castle. This is our fucking show.

This American dream is always what it says . This American dream is always what it says.

Whether the removal of the video   will be enough for the group to resurrect their image remains to be seen. Unless Day Above Ground promises not to perform the song again, the gesture is meaningless. The danger is still there that the song could become a cult hit. And what about record sales? Will the group still be selling the song?

Day Above Ground has dug itself a deep hole. This gesture is just the beginning of the group in digging itself out of it.







  1. RE: Day Above Ground removes Asian Girlz from You Tube: Have you heard this rap song about racism for Asians?
    There’s a jab at A Day Above Ground in it


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